Specializing in Wholesale & Retail gasoline station accounting

With twenty plus years of experience in the gas & oil industry, Colasanti & Iurato, LLP specializes in the proper accounting & monthly filings requirements that are put in place by the State of New York. Not only quarterly sales tax returns are required for retail gasoline stations but monthly may also be required depending on your sales level.

Wholesalers have a mandatory monthly requirement of certain petroleum business tax returns that if NOT filed may lead to suspension or even worse, revocation of your Article 12A/13A license.

Not using an experienced accountant in the gasoline/convenience store sector may cause you thousands of dollars of underpaid sales taxes, and unnecessary penalties & interest. Not by intention, but by lack of understanding the correct computation of the liability.

Failure to file required returns is not an option here at Colasanti & Iurato, LLP.

In our years of experience Colasanti & Iurato, LLP has worked closely with the NYS registration & bond unit of New York State. Over twenty years of working in the oil & gas industry we have built solid & trustworthy relationships with this division and have helped new clients get reinstated with the State of New York under Article 12A/13A